Friday, September 4, 2009


It is FREEBIE Friday today!! Today I am giving away some Pampered Chef items! I am giving away All-purpose Dill mix, a can strainer, a Measure-all, some Season best cookbooks, a GRAND prize and more!! Just leave a comment and see if you are the winner! I have pre-determined which comment gets which item so leave a comment with your email address and see if you are the winner! (Just one comment per person please).  Giveway ends 9/10.  Check back on 9/11 to see the winners!!


Dawn W.

Hey, do you think the first comment will be the winner? :) Your blog looks cute - you have always been good with things like this!


I am sure number 2 isn't a winner - oh well!


I think #3 should be the winner. You never said the winner couldn't be related to you right :)


I hope I'm the grand prize winner :-)
this blog is a great idea too!

Swagbucks: The best!