Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Ten Minute Organizing Project: The Kitchen Junk Drawer!

I find that if I have a list a mile long of cleaning and organizing projects it never gets done in one day!  So I try to break it down into little bits here and there.  Today my 10 minute cleaning project was my kitchen junk drawer!  I know someplace in your house is a junk drawer, and if not... well then you are organized and won't need to read my blog on Thursdays.  This is embarrassing, but here is my junk drawer. 
True to it's name there is LOTS of junk in it!  So much that we don't really use it, just toss randomness in it.  To start out with, since it was such a mess, I just dumped it all out on my counter.  This way I had a clean empty drawer to put everything back into.
I learned a few things today...1) I have WAY too many pens, pencils and dry erase markers (we have a dry erase calendar) and probably don't need to buy ANY for the next 3 years.  2) Luckily (or unluckily...) there wasn't very much garbage in there to throw away 3) I have hair scrunchies in there... helpful if I still had long hair.  4) Loose recipts GALORE!!  I put them in a bank vinyl pouch that has a zipper!  It works great! 
The finished drawer.  Ok, so I said this was a 10 minute organizing project and it probably would have been if I didn't have a sick baby.  It took me a few hours to work on it 10 minutes :) Oh well, at least it is done now!  I put rubber bands around note cards, put things that are alike together, and put all those pens in a plastic bag.  Have fun organizing your junk drawer!
This is what my 3 year old did while I organized :)  BIG paper on the floor, stamps and pencils.  It lasted her ALL day. 

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