Friday, October 23, 2009

My NEW look!

As you can tell my blog makeover is coming along very well!!  I am VERY happy with the results so far.  We are still playing around with some things and I don't have all the links in my linkbar where I want them to be yet...but we are almost done! 

Diana over at Custom Blog Designs is doing my makeover.  She is fabulous!  It has been so easy.  I just told her the basic idea of what I wanted and she went in created it in no time at all.  Thank you Diana for all your work!  If you are looking for a blog makeover or even just a custom header... Diana is the way to go.  She is very helpful and good to work with. 

And to celebrate my new look.... I will have a giveaway every week for the next few weeks.


Diana - FreeStyleMama

You are very welcome. Your instructions were good which really helped the design go smoothly!!


It looks great! I looked at it last night with you. Did you change the flowers in the background since then or is it just in my head? It looks good.

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