Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Amazon GREAT deals on Magazines!!

There are some great deals on magazine subscriptions at Amazon this month, with the automatic discounts that will be taken off when you check out. The thing I love about magazine subscriptions from Amazon is that they always ship for FREE, but you can use the cost of your subscription to go towards you $25 total, so you can get FREE shipping on other items you may want to buy.  Just click on the picture for more details or to add to your shopping cart.

Family Fun: One year subscription only $4.95 (after $5 auto discount)

Good Housekeeping (1-year) One year subscription only $4.97 (after $3 auto discount)

House Beautiful (1-year) $5.00 (after $5 auto discount)

Parents (1 year) $4.97 (after $5 auto discount)

Women's Day (1 year) $6.99 (after $3 auto discount)

Popular Mechanics (1-year) only $5 (after $5 auto discount) (Christmas present for your husband?)

Food Network Magazine (1-year) only $10 (after $5 auto discount).

You can find more by clicking the Amazon link in my left sidebar.

thanks Bargain Jargon

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