Friday, November 27, 2009

I am back in town!

Hi! I am back!  Looks like things went fairly well when I was gone.  I need to fix a few things I see... sorry for the slow day on my blog-- I know -- NO GIVEAWAYS!?  Don't worry... I am going to get one up and going!  Since I was out shopping this morning I didn't get around to posting it!  Sorry!  There WILL however be at least one more!!  IT IS A BIG BIG ONE!!!  I will post it today or tomorrow.  Have fun! 


Jason and Kristi Ann

Hi. OK. It is time to do a give away. I am still working on my etsy site pics and getting new product posted, but we can still do a give away, right? It will be one of Kristi Ann's Carseat Kozies. It comes complete with attached hat, pants and blanket to keep little ones warm on brisk to down right cold days. Which gender would you like to give away? I have fabric for both so please let me know and I'll get it sewn up. I don't know how the give away works. Do I send it to you or wait to see who wins and send it to them? Do I cover postage or does the winner? All these questions all of a sudden! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Jason and Kristi Ann

Maybe give me one more week to get good pics on my etsy site: I also sell blankets, socks, purses, hats, scarves and more. Haven't decided if I'm going to put my washable bean bags on my site or not.

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