Saturday, November 28, 2009

Remember when. . .

Thanks Crystal for covering for me last week-I was a little pre-occupied with my thoughts. . . I got engaged recently!! My fiance (still getting used to that word) is wonderful. He is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.

Idea #5: Remember

This idea comes from my fiance's wonderful proposal. He set up love notes and clues of places we'd been throughout dating experience and lead me on a journey of remembering. We've had months of memories. You may have years. Snuggle close to your honey tonight and remember when. . .you first met, your first date, first kiss, first fell in love, got engaged, . . .

Instead of just talking about those memories you might try:

  • Heart attack his car, office, or a room in the house. On each of the hearts write a brief memory you two have shared together. (We did this for my dad's 60 birthday with 60 memory hearts and he loved it!)

  • Pull out the photo albums, wedding videos or family videos. Call it a date movie night. Recreate an evening from the past with food, clothing, music, or conversation.

  • Send your love on a trip down memory lane with clues. (This takes a lot more planning but it would be totally worth it.) Start him out with a note and a clue from work or home. Send him around to different places you made memories together. (I collect heart shaped rocks and my fiance wrote a note and put the heart shaped rocks on top of the notes so no one but me would realize they were clues. I went to some pretty populated places but no one notices rocks so luckily my notes were undisturbed.) You may have him end up back at home or at a favorite restaurant to finish up the night.

What memories are you going to remember tonight? Share one with us so we can smile too!



Love this! Thanks! It is nice to remember what you did, and how you originally fell in love.

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