Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tech-Savvy Tips

1. Google Reader:

Have you ever "blogged surfed" and found an AMAZING blog? then you can't remember where it is? 

Do you get tired of checking all the blogs you follow only to find out that half haven't posted new things yet?

Well... you may or may not know about Google Reader.  For those of you who already know about it.  Well, sorry this post isn't for you :)  For everyone else- I am about to make life easier for you!

If you already have a Gmail account (which I will talk about) then this is EASY and doesn't require you to set up another account.  (If you don’t want to set up an account, you can also have blog updates sent to your e-mail.  It is called "subscribing to emails", not all blogs offer it yet.  By subscribing via email, you receive the exact same updates you would via a reader.)

You can just go to the blog and click to follow:

If in doubt, you can always copy the blog’s URL and paste it in your reader. It looks like this in Google Reader:

You just click on the "Add a subscription" button and then you will see the place to put the blog's address (like shown above).  You can also group your favorite blogs into categories (food blogs, crafts, freebies, etc).  Then when a new post is published you will see it in Reader.

It is THAT easy!  Then you can just scroll through them, star them, share them, email them to others and more! 

2. Gmail:

I love my Gmail account!  It is the BEST at eliminating SPAM!  It also has so much storage space for you that you never have to delete any of your messages.  So nice!  It is worth checking out- especially if you want to do google reader!


I love to watch the Biggest Loser!  I am addicted now!  However, we don't have a TV.  Instead of paying whatever amount for TV, I watch it for free online!  I have to watch it a week late, but that is ok (its free!)  There are also a ton of other shows that you could watch- Extreme Makeover, The Dave Ramsey Show (my husband is a HUGE fan of him!), The Chopping block ( I love cooking shows) and more!  However, just like on TV there are a lot of not so great shows as well. 

There will be more to come later, but those are the ones that I use most often (and that I thought of as I was writing this...)


Swagbucks: The best!