Thursday, December 3, 2009

Be our Guest!

Do you have guests coming over for the holidays!?

What do you normally do to make them feel welcome?

Here is a great idea that takes only a minute or two to throw together
and you probably have most of it lying around! 

A Guest Basket to make them feel weclome and that has some stuff they may have forgotten or something they may need during their stay that they don't want to ask for.  Below are some ideas I thought would be fun to give your guest.  Most of these items can be purchased for under a dollar if you don't already have them.

The contents:
A good book or two
A card game
Snacks (for those midnight hunger strikes!)
Toothpaste/toothbrush- someone usually forgets one or the other!
Breath mints- for the obvious, who wants to ask for those?
First aid kit- just in case :)
Trial size shampoo, conditioner and gel or body wash
Floss- I just threw in an extra from my dentist office
Chapstick- I ALWAYS forget this!
Nail clippers
Yummy smelling lotion- Pamper them a little :)

Stuff I didn't have but would be fun to throw in:
Flashlight (to go with the books)
A note for your guest to welcome them!- Don't forget to let them know where the extra towels are!

What do YOU do for your guests?
(yes, this is the time you go ahead and leave me a comment!)


starnes family

I love this! My first guests are arriving this evening after a 14+ hour car ride. I will be putting together a little basket as you suggested. Thanks for the great idea!

I always lay out towels and a new bar of soap.....but this seems like more fun.


Great ideas! I also love when I go somewhere nice and there are little baskets with some of those items in the ladie's room.



That is such a GREAT idea!! Love it! Thank you!

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