Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Crafts and more!

***Update: By request:
Chocolate Sour Cream Fudge Recipe HERE

Stocking Ideas HERE and HERE and I will try to get a picture of my favorite one...***

Ok.. so I keep finding GREAT crafts and recipes to do and make.... I keep telling myself "I need to do this myself and then blog about it..." Well.. I have been busy trying to get over being sick and doing other misc. doctoring so links and pictures of other people's creations will have to do :)

Gumdrop Trees!

So cute! HERE is how to do it!

HERE is another cute inexpensive gift idea:

The frame only costs $1!! What a great idea.

Is it TOO cold outside? Don't feel like putting 10 layers of clothes on your kids?
But still want to let them play in the snow?

Grab a towel (or two), some bowls, spoons, cookie sheets and whatever else you want....

We did this when my little girl was just 1 and it was fabulous! I didn't have to worry about her getting sick and cold and it was a LOT easier than putting a million layers on her.

Make cute Paper Ornaments:

Tutorial HERE

Smores Ornament:

Tutorial HERE

Christmas Scarf:

With instructions HERE

Christmas Lanterns HERE

I found a GREAT way to dress up your goodie plates HERE!

And for some recipes....
Christmas Kiss Brownies

And... More inexpensive Gift Ideas:
Enjoy! (If I find more, I'll update!)


Jason and Kristi Ann

Thanks for the fun ideas. I've printed instructions to prepare for the couple of weeks kids are off. Should be fun!


Wow! These look awesome! I will definitely have to try some, thanks so much for the ideas and links! :)


Hey, in all your blog surfing do you ever come across cute Christmas stockings? I still need to make some but haven't found a model that I love. Can the savvy mom check on that.!? Love ya!!

Dawn W.

What cute ideas - thanks! (By the way, I noticed today that I've been bumped from my contributing status - must not have been too helpful - sorry.) And, do you know a good recipe for chocolate sour cream fudge? I had some once, and of course the cook refused to share the recipe, but it still sounds yummy at Christmas.


I love that scarf! Thanks for the ideas!


So many fun things to try! Thank you :)

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