Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Prize Inside!

Idea #6: Prize in His Breakfast Cereal

Remember when you loved eating breakfast cereal mostly because of the cool prize inside. Well I'm sure your husband or significant other would love to remember those days too with a cool prize in the cereal box-from you!

My fiance (still getting used to that) loves cereal! And who doesn't love gifts, coupons or love notes. My man has been wanting me to watch the new Star Trek movie with him since it came out, so I think I made him a coupon for a redbox rental and put it in his cereal box. I have a note I made for the outside that said "Free Coupon Inside". I found a box of cereal that had the word free already on it so I used that and just added "coupon inside" below. The free item for my specific box of cereal had something to do with an alarm clock, so rather than try to hide the alarm clock I made it part of my free offer too. On the alarm clock I stuck a note that said something like event enclosed must end before time indicated on clock below. (I think the time on the alarm clock said something like 12:36 or something like that.)
When I was looking for boxes of cereal I found all sorts of boxes that could be used depending on what kind of surprise you wanted to include. I even found another box I bought and plan on using in the future. It was a Cheerios box with a clear plastic see through window with a book showing through. That box would be great if you were giving him a book or a movie rather than just a coupon for something. Next time you're on the cereal isle take a look and see what kind of ideas you come up with!
So after I unsealed the box and put the coupons in I resealed it. It makes for a nice morning surprise.

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