Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Notes

Bundle up, it's cold outside! This post is to remind you to not cold put out that relationship spark. Turn the heat up by writing love notes to your honey in the snow.

It would be a nice gesture for him to see when he first gets home from work or when he first looks out the window in the morning. I like to also add a bit of color to my snow notes by putting some food coloring with water and spraying the areas I want to highlight. (This is also a super fun activity to do with kids, but I am the relationship blogger, not the activities with kids blogger-so if you do happen to do this with your children make sure to make a note for your loved one while you are at it!)

Making a snowman hold a sign or a love note also works wonders. He could say something like "Baby it's cold outside. Can't wait for you to come in. . ." Make it as sweet or as sassy as you desire. (Once again an activity you can do with your children and turn it into a relationship enhancer while you are at it!)


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