Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Toy!

First of all... I just wanted to let you know that Kristen- Our Friday gal will no longer be able to write for us.  We will sure miss her and her great tips!  SO... we will be changing some things up (again). 

I was busy over the weekend!  No, I wasn't cleaning or whatever else I should have been doing... I was playing with my new toy.  THIS:

Do you have one?  I absolutely LOVE it!  I also got the paper doll cartridge.  My daughter and I had fun with that!  She kept telling me what she needed "I need a pink shirt" "Now I need a green scarf".  She played with paper dolls for almost 3 hours!  Then she woke up the next morning ready with her list of things for me to cut out for her. 

I bought my Cricut Expressions HERE

What I loved about is that I ordered my Cricut Tuesday night and I got it on my doorstep Friday before noon!!  That was fast shipping!  (it was also FREE shipping!  which I love!)

They have great prices on all the Cricut cartridges and other supplies as well.  With Free shipping over $25!

This is what I made last night for a little lesson I did for my family on Genesis Ch. 1 (The Creation)

Yes, I know it doesn't look too accurate.  I only had a few minutes to get it all ready.  I think the dolls are adorable!  (ok my daughter loves Clifford, so I had to make her a big red dog)  Anyways, you get the idea.  The background is magnetic, so I just had to add magnets to my dolls and I have a little magnetic story.  (I am of course going to re-do it to have better pictures, tress, smaller star, etc)

So fun!  Be looking for them to come to my Etsy store soon! 
I will also do any custom orders that you would like, just email me! 

Disclosure:  I didn't receive any payment to write this post about I do however get 4% commission off each sale that I refer to them. 



I'm SO jealous! I've been wanting one of these for SOO long!! :)

Swagbucks: The best!