Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New "Savvy Score" for Reviewing Products!


The main reason I started reviewing products was to pass on information about products I love to you!  In doing this I wanted to save you the time and money of searching for a great product yourself.  I have played with a few different ways of trying to let you know just how I like (or don't really like) the product. 

I want to be honest about my feelings so that you will know how I REALLY feel, and not just think that I got a product for free from someone - therefore I am saying its great.  So... to make it an easier to tell... I made the Savvy Score.  This will tell you a LOT about the company, the products and my feelings on it.  They will get anywhere from 1-5 flowers on each category depending on how I feel about the product.  I will still talk about the product and give explanations for the score.

Just so you know as well... I am a tough critic :)  Most of the products I have reviewed so far I would probably give 3 flower ratings with a few twos and fours mixed in there. 
Three means it is average, nothing bad, nothing amazing. 
Here is what it takes to make each level:

One Flower:
  • Was hard to get a hold of the sponsor- didn't return emails or address concerns very well
  • Product didn't come as expected- low quality, took a long time, came damaged, etc
  • The product was not all that great, but I wouldn't buy it again probably
  • No business card, thank you note...nothing!  "Where did this come from again?"
  • Price is too high for what I got
  • Overall not that great of an experience

Two Flowers:
  • Product wasn't exactly how I wanted it to be
  • The product was fine- might buy again
  • No business card, thank you note.. but product was marked with logo
  • Price is a little high 
  • Overall an ok experience

Three Flowers:
  • Product was nice.  I liked it
  • I am likely to buy it again 
  • Included a business card or simple note of some sort
  • Price is good
  • Overall a good experience

Four Flowers:
  • Love the product! Just what I wanted/expected
  • Will buy it again!
  • Had a business card and/or note
  • Great price!
  • Was a great experience!  Loved getting the product!
Five Flowers:
  • Product was AMAZING!! Loved it!  Much more than what I expected!
  • Will definetly buy again, purchase for gifts, and tell all my friends about!
  • Had a business card and/or note, instructions for the product (if needed)
  • LOVED how it came- came wrapped nicely, ribbon, etc, was fun to open
  • Great price! FREE SHIPPING!
  • LOVED my experience!  It was like Christmas!
Let me know what you think!  Does this cover all the areas that you would like rated?  Will this help?


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