Friday, February 19, 2010

Quality Time With Each Child...

Most couples have more than one child in their family. In our family, we spend most of our quality time with "everyone" together.

I am starting to realize the importance of spending quality time with each child in the family separately. I wanted to give you some ideas for how you can make a morning, afternoon or day truly special and memorable for you and your child. The ideas I am giving

It also helps to plan it ahead of time, so your child can look on the calendar and get excited about the outing well in advance!

For moms & girls:

~Have Tea Together-Go someplace where you can get dressed up and have tea together. In my town, we have a cute place called Teapots and Treasures which is decorated with teapots and frilly things...perfect for two girls to have an outing.

~ Get your nails done. Many manicure salons will have special deals for children, and it might be fun to get matching colors!

For Dads & Girls:

~Go to a movie together. My daughter has been begging me to go to a movie, and making it a special occasion is perfect "together" time.

~Go out to lunch. From my previous post, you could choose a restaurant where kids eat free. This would be a pretty cheap date with your and your child!

~ Make a meal together or bake some treats. Most girls love to be in the kitchen, and being with their daddy in the kitchen is twice as great!

For Moms & Boys:

~Go out for ice cream or a milkshake...if you live close, ride your bike there for some added exercise and quality time.

~ Go out on a nature hike. Most areas have local or state parks that have great nature trails. You can go here to find the state park nearest to you.

For Dads & Boys:

~ Go to a Baseball Game. Most areas are only a short drive away from a minor league team. In our area, kids can get in fairly cheap, and an adult ticket is only a few dollars more than a movie ticket

~ Get out some energy. Head to the batting range or play some mini golf...if its too cold for outside, go to a skate rink or play some basketball at the local rec center.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. If you aren't already spending individual time with your children....keep it up! Its worth the investment of your time. If you aren't yet doing so, I want to encourage you to try to schedule time in once a month for some great bonding time!


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