Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Yumm!: Chicken Egg Rolls

First of all... Don't you just LOVE peppers!?  I love the look of them, the taste and how easy it is to cut them up.  You might think I am weird but I think it is so fun to buy peppers.  Sometimes I buy them and think- "I am sure I can use this in a recipe somewhere"  Do you ever do that with your favorite food item?

See what I mean?  Peppers are so pretty!

Cook tip #1: When you are only wanting to use part of a pepper- cut off the portion you want and then leave the rest attached to the stem and core of the pepper.  It will last longer this way.

Also- this recipe is by me.  I got the baking time/temp from a taste of home magazine.  But the ingredients and all were made up on the spot with what I had in my fridge and pantry.

If you are one of those people who like measurements... sorry this recipe basically doesn't have any.  I will try though to tell you how much I used. 

You will need:

Assorted vegetables to you liking
I had a Red Pepper, broccoli, carrots and baby corn

You will also need:
Egg Roll wraps

This is the baby corn and egg roll wraps I used.
You can find egg roll wraps over in the produce area normally by the mushrooms, tofu, asian foods...

I first cooked my chicken in a pot of water with a boullion cube and some seasoning.  I cooked two chicken breasts.  I let that cook for about an hour or so or until it was very tender and fell apart easily. 

Then I cooked my broccoli and carrots. I used about a medium sized head of broccoli and two handfuls or so of carrots (see I told you- NO measurements!) 

Cut up the pepper and baby corns- or any other vegetable you are adding. 
I used about half a pepper and about half a can of baby corns. 

Then cut up and add your chicken and cooked vegetables.
Cook Tip #2:  When you are cutting up broccoli and don't want little green specks everywhere (I didn't do this in this recipe because I diced it all up) don't cut through the top of the broccoli.  Just cut the stem and break apart the broccoli in desired sizes.  This will prevent the top of the broccoli leaving green stuff everywhere!

I mostly just added stuff until it looked good.  See-

YUM!! Doesn't that look pretty!?

Then (I had to put my egg roll wrapper on a green cutting board so you could actually see it)
be careful taking your egg rolls apart- the egg roll wraps are very thin!  Also, make sure you just have one. 

Turn your egg roll so it is like a diamond and take about 1/4 c. of your mixture and put it in the center/lower tip of your egg roll.

Then roll up your egg roll- be sure to tuck in the corners of your egg roll so that your mixture won't fall out.  I wrap mine pretty tight.  It is very important how well you wrap them if you are going to fry them in oil, however, I have started to bake mine and that way it isn't as crucial that you fold them up perfectly.
After you get it all wrapped up, take your finger and dip it in some water and go along the end flap.  This will seal it a little better so that it doesn't come apart.  Don't use too much water! Just a little bit will work.

Then you can cook them in oil (which is how I used to always do it) OR (this is what I got from taste of home and now I always do it this way) bake them in the oven. 

Place them on a tray (foil is optional) and spritz them with vegetable oil or olive oil.  I have my Pampered Chef kitchen spritzer that works great for this. 

Bake them at 400 for about 10 minutes.  I broil mine on High for about a minute after that or until the shells are a little bubbly and brown. 

Then ENJOY!  This would be great with a side of fried rice (which I am still wanting to share my recipe with you).  We dipped ours in soy sauce.. well.. and my daughter used ketchup and then my husband did too.  He said he liked it better with ketchup but I just cringed and just knew that he ruined it like that!

These turned out FABULOUS!!  They would also make a great appetizer dish.


Dawn W.

okay, that sounds so yummy, and I am so hungry right now!

I haven't made these in ages because I hate frying things in oil - great tip on baking in the oven. Now I'll have to try them out on my family. Thanks!


I agree with Dawn. That looks yumnmy. Now if I only had the eggrolls on hand it would be for dinner tonight. Hmm. . .

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