Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TOTTV - St. Patrick's Day (Part 2)

It's Tuesday and time to Turn Off the T.V. (TOTTV) and spend some quality time with our children (or other loved ones!) Since St. Patrick's Day is just 2 days away, here are some great things you can do together to celebrate "the luck 'o the irish"!
~Make an Irish meal: Corned beef, steamed cabbage, roasted or mashed potatoes
~Make a "Green" meal: Green mashed potatoes, broccoli (or other green vegetable), stuffed green peppers, green salad, key lime pie, etc.
~Make some fun St. Patrick's Day treats; Rainbow cupcakes, Shamrock Cupcakes, potato candy, etc.
~(For more fun St. Patrick's Day snack ideas, visit Family Fun or Preschool Education)



Take this opportunity to learn more about the Irish culture; people, traditions, food, clothing, music, etc! Check out some books from the library, talk to some Irish people you know, research Ireland on the computer, etc.

**Remember, turning off the T.V. can leave so much more time for you and your children (or other loved ones) to enjoy quality time together!



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