Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TOTTV - St. Patrick's Day WITH ENDING

It's Tuesday and Time To Turn off the T.V. and spend time with our children and other loved ones!
Today's Topic: St. Patrick's Day! (part 1)

St. Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate together! There are so many fun things to do that I've decided to devote not one but TWO posts to it! (I've also done this in order to give you a bit more time for advance preparation, since next week's post is just the day before St. Paddy's day!)

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids on St. Patrick's Day is a Leprechaun Treasure Hunt! If you know anything about leprechauns, you know they are super sneaky and never get caught! But it's so much fun to try to catch them as they lead you on a magical treasure hunt with little clues! Clues will vary depending on the age of your child(ren). For instance:

~a very young child will need just a picture of where the next clue can be found
~toddler/preschool children will like to figure out simple clues (e.g. "Where do leprechauns brush their teeth?" (the bathroom) or "Where does a leprechaun put his dirty laundry?" (in the hamper))
~school age and older children will need 'trickier' clues and you may need to get creative (e.g. 'codes' where everything is written in symbols that correspond to letters, or written backwards, upside down, etc.)

Once you get the clues done, you need to decide what's going to be in your "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" (I like to use a gold pot (many party stores carry these in March) or even an old witch's cauldron leftover from Halloween would work great!). In the pot you can put one (or any) of the following:

~Pistachio Pudding Mix (this is my all time favorite because it's so magical to the kids!) Take the package of mix out of the box and label it "Magic Leprechaun Dust". Attach a note that says "Pour magic leprechaun dust into a mixing bowl. Add 2 cups of milk and mix well. Watch as the dust magically transforms and gold nuggets appear." (If you want to do individual bags for each child, you can put 1 Tablespoon of powder and mix with 1/4 cup milk). The kids LOVE watching the white powder 'magically' turn green!
~Gold covered chocolate coins
~Gold $1 coins (you can get these at most banks)
~Lucky charms

Throughout your treasure hunt, make sure to watch for leprechauns....you never know when you might catch one! :)

For help creating your treasure hunt and more great St. Patrick's Day ideas, check out these great links!

Have Fun! And remember to check back next week for more fun ways to celebrate the Luck 'O The Irish! :)



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