Friday, April 2, 2010

Holey Donuts Review

My family was more than willing to help me review my Holey Donuts!!  The day I got my package I instantly opened up this box of donuts:

Ok-- so I instantly opened them AFTER I let them thaw on my counter for an hour or two.

The donuts come in a carefully hand packed in a special cooler box with dry ice and shipped via FedEx.  Due to this the shipping costs are pretty high.  It costs around $23 (or $44 for 2 day) to ship them.  Some states require 2 day shipping to ensure that your donuts will stay frozen.

I also received some Boston Cream donuts to try out-

I think these were my favorite donut.  The cream was amazing!!!  The donut part seemed a little dry to me, if you microwave them for a little bit that seemed to help.  They were good donuts and didn't really fill me up like a regular donut would. 

Here is some information from their website

"All of our handmade, jumbo sized, Ultra Low Fat Gourmet Donuts! are shipped frozen and can be stored for weeks in your freezer to thaw and enjoy anytime you need something without the fat, calories or guilt. Remember, each assortment is 6 donuts so you never have to feel like you are ordering too many donuts.

Upon arrival, store your Holey Donuts! in your freezer and pop in the microwave for a few seconds to enjoy a fresh, warm, low fat donut that will satisfy your donut desire. Nothing about these donuts tastes low fat so now it's time to treat yourself to something truly out of the ordinary, Holey Donuts! The minimum order is three assortments."
Each assortment of donuts are about $6 a box.
Don't they all look fabulous!?
The last box I tried out were the Jumbo Reduced Fat Blueberry Vanilla Cinnamon Buns.  They were fabulous!  If I wanted a reduced fat cinnamon bun, they would do the trick.  They didn't taste low fat at all!  I think this is their best product out of the ones I tried. 

This was a hard review for me, I loved the idea of the product- how fun to have donuts in your freezer that you could take out and enjoy whenever you would like...however the cost is a VERY hard thing for me to get over.  The up-side to this though is that they do have some good deals pretty often.  You all know me, I detest shipping costs!!  If it wasn't for the shipping costs- I would probably be a more frequent customer.  They do have a rewards system that you can get points when you purchase donuts to be used towards free product. Anyways- sorry, very mixed review for me.  BUT...

Check out THEIR WEBSITE and tell me what you would love to try!

Disclosure: This is my personal opinion, I was sent a product free of charge to review.  No other compensation was given, no one from Holey Donuts helped write this review.


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