Thursday, May 6, 2010

Savvy Summer Contest!

Savvy Summer Contest

Lets get ready to have a Savvy Summer!


Here is what we will do... each week you will have a list (see list and download below) of things to do.  When you complete the item, you earn points!  The person with the most points each week will win something at the end of the contest.    Prizes will be listed each week, week 4 there will be 4 prizes given out!  One to the winner of week 4 and three prizes will be given out to the three people who get the most points overall.

The Rules:

1. Each daily goal is worth 1 pt, each weekly goal is worth 3 points.  For example, if you use coupons on Tuesday and Friday, you will get 2 points for that goal for the week.

2. Saturday is the beginning of the 1st week, so your total points will be from (Sat the 8th) to midnight next Friday (the 14th). 

3. On Friday the 14th, please add up the total points you earned and email me your total by midnight.  If you don't get it to me by midnight you won't be in the running for the weekly prize, but will still be able to work towards the Grand Prize!  I will announce the weekly prizes each Friday and the winner each Saturday.

4. Please be honest!  I have no way to verify most of this, so I trust you will report only what you actually did.  Thanks!

After each week you will see a total of the top 5 "contenders" :)  This way you will see how you are doing.

You can download the Contest Points Sheet HERE
Email me with any questions!

Here are the categories (and explanations)!!
1. Play with your kids- Start out the summer right with a great relationship with your children. This can be anything from just sitting on the floor and building a tower, to taking them out to the park or riding bikes. If you have older children, find a way to have some fun with them- play a board game, make a yummy treat, etc.

2. Send SMS a Boredom Jar Idea- At the end of the 5 weeks, I will compile all the ideas and give them back! A “Boredom Jar” is a great way to help you get through those days of no school when your children think there is nothing to do! It is also great to help pass the time on bad weather days (or any day!). Send me any tip great or small and give yourself a point. (ex. Set up plastic bottles and play indoor bowling).

3. Read to your kids/ Encourage them to read- This is a great way to pass time on Summer days- help the habit form now! Teach your children to love to read.  If your children are not old enough to read, take the time to read them a book or two, if they are old enough- encourage them to take time out to read.

4. Cook dinner for your family, eat together!- Sometimes the only time we have great quality time is around the dinner table. Make an extra effort to have dinner ready and eat together.

5. Welcome your husband home/Kiss/hug him- How often do you really do this? I know my husband would like to have a better “welcome home” than we normally give him. Help strengthen your relationship for a great summer!

6. Use a coupon/code (for something you would normally buy)- Coupons and discount codes are great if you were already going to buy the item! Start off a great summer of savings by saving money on what you normally would buy!

7. Do an act of kindness for your spouse (laundry doesn't count, sorry)- This can be anything from a nice note, compliment, asking how his day was (and listening), a quick back rub… etc! No laundry and dinner don’t count… he needs those anyway!

8. Get rid of 10 things- goodwill, garage sale, garbage…- De-clutter your house now so that you won’t have to deal with the mess come summer! Besides won’t you be outside almost all the time!? You won’t want to struggle with the mess inside when the sun is shining outside!
9. Do dishes- Just get them done and move on! Sometimes they seem more daunting than they actually are- and doesn’t it feel good to have an empty sink!?

10. Submit SMS a crock pot recipe- This is a weekly one! Submit a crock pot recipe or a quick and easy summer recipe! You won’t want to be inside cooking all day. I will also compile all of these for you at the end and share! How great would it be to come in from working outside to an already prepared crock pot meal!?

11. Do something to improve your yard or garden (new flowers, vegetables, weed, etc)- Another weekly one! Do anything in your yard that improves the look of your yard- whether it be weeding, planting new flowers or starting/adding to your garden. It could also be adding new landscaping – curbing, rocks, benches, etc!

12. Organize one cluttered spot in your house (corner, cupboard, closet…)- And the last weekly one! This is a similar thing with throwing out 10 things! It will feel nice for summer to have a clean house.

13. Exercise- We should be doing this anyways- besides, swimsuit season is upon us!

14. Read a book- take time to relax (not TV)- Take time out for you! If you are relaxed and happy then your family is more likely to be as well.

15. Write in your journal/blog- Do you really want to miss writing down all the great things that are going on in your life!?

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