Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok-- So I just wanted to say THANKS!  Thanks for all you great readers out there who read my blog!  I started this needing a little Adult time in my life and wanted to share my great ideas or the great ideas I have found in the blogosphere and don't want to forget. 

I wish I could give you all something as a "Thank you" for following my blog- but thanks will have to do.  Today- (I know I normally don't blog on Sunday...) I am stuck home, when I would love to be at Church.  My 3 1/2 year old is sick.  AGAIN.  It seems like my kids are ALWAYS getting sick!  Just when I can get out and about with them again one will get sick... then the other... then me. 

My daughter has a cough now- we are over the fever and on with a cough.  She has always been one prone to throwing up and coughing all the time doesn't help.  So yes, I have scrubbed my carpet, my kitchen floor and done bedding twice in two days.  AHHHHH.....  not fun.  Poor little one of mine.  She also has been going through some hard times trying to be big... but be small.  Does that make sense? 

The only way I am staying sane is that I got to go out yesterday to COSTCO!  I love Costco and haven't been in months.  It is too hard to go with my baby and so I have just sent my husband to get stuff for me or had to skip it all together.  I spent all my allotted grocery money there- it felt so good :)  I also bought some Thyme!  I got 18 plants for $15!!  It was fabulous!  Then I planted them all in our island in hopes that it will reduce the amount of weeding I will have to do this summer. 

Anyways-- just wanted to share with you.  Hope you are having a great day. 



I would have to agree with you about Costco! We only get to go when someone comes to visit with a card as the nearest store is about 2 hours away. We went with my Mom last week and I was able to get some new capris - yeah! Enjoy the day!

Dawn W.

Hang in there!

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