Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Remember this post about Bliss Brownies?  Well.  I am sorry to say that I need to change my review on the company.  Though the brownies were fabulous once the giveaway was over they failed to provide the winner of the contest with their promised product.  They also failed to even contact me over the past 3 months or respond to my efforts to contact them.  This has not been a pleasent experience. 

I am now unable to reccomend this company and am sorry to the winner who never received the promised product.  I try to stand by my companies and their products but refuse to support a company or promote their products that provide bad customer service.  YOU, my readers, are important to me and I want you to have good experiences with the companies I share with you. 

I don't falsely give you a positive review of a company if I didn't like their product.  So here you are.  Sorry! 



That happened to me one time. I was supposed to get a free product from a company that sold tea items, and even though I emailed them repeatedly, I never got diddly. Shameful, shameful customer "service". But your readers know it's not your fault! You can't predict the future. Thanks for letting us know and also for sharing the name of the company with which you had a bad experience. It's frustrating to read about a bad experience, and then not have a clue what company it is, so you can avoid them!


I appreciate you posting this. You should tag the bottom of the orginal post too if you haven't already. Even if the brownies are good I wouldn't support an unethical company like that either. Sorry :-(

Dawn W

WOW! Good for you for posting the update!


Thank you! Crystal. I can always make brownies. I know I'll never order from them.


I never did get a calendar from the everydaysamemory giveaway either! Whats up with giveawayers not really following through!! Good idea to post this!

Karine Traverse

WTG they deserve to be called out and make it known to everyone that they fail to do as promised.

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