Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finger Puppet Theater Tutorial

Finger Puppet Theater Tutorial

We love puppet shows at our house and I saw this little sock monkey puppet house in a little shop in West Yellowstone and thought it would be a fun project to do with/for my kids. There are a lot creative things you could do with this, so let your kid's imaginations run wild with decorating these finger puppet theaters.


1 cracker size cardboard box

1 pipe cleaner

paint (we used acrylic)

scrap fabric-2 pieces of 5X7”

needle and thread

letter stickers (ours were $1 at Target)

ribbon –2 pieces 5” long each

stickers and embellishments to decorate

scissors and/or razor blade (for cutting out puppet window)

paper hole punch

Step 1:

Open all the flaps on the box and lay flat. Measure the width of the back side of the box. Ours was 6 1/2” so I drew a line in the middle, which was 3 1/4”, and cut on the line.

Step 2:

Draw your theater’s profile and cut. You may use our template:

Cut out a window for the puppets to perform through measuring 4 1/2” X 5 1/4”

This is where I used the razor blade with another cardboard box underneath.

Step 3:

With the paper hole punch, punch 4 holes where you see the circles in the template.

Step 4:

Paint your theater. We had to do 2 coats so the Cheezit box couldn’t be seen.

Step 5:

Make curtains. Lay your fabric flat on a surface the long way. Fold the top over a half inch and crease the top with your finger. Take your threaded needle and sew along the raw edge like you are making a ruffle. Do this to both pieces of fabric. Put the pipe cleaner through to make the curtain rod. Put the pipe cleaner through the holes at the top of the puppet window.

Step 6:

Knot the ends of your ribbon and pull through the holes in the back (these are for tying together and closing and storing the theater).

Step 7:

Embellish your theater with stickers, glitter, stamps, bells, pom poms balls.

Ideas for homemade Finger Puppets:


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