Monday, August 23, 2010

My Daughters Birthday!

Today is my daughters birthday but I also get a present!  I get to pick out something from CSN to review!  I just broke my first plate ever in the 5 years I have been married and have been contemplating getting one of their dinnerware sets or should I not be selfish and get something for my kids?  HMMMM  too many choices!! 

What would you get from CSN if you had $50 to spend?



Get new dinnerware! If you're like me, you're *always* getting stuff for your kids!


Happy Birthday to your daughter Crystal!!! Hope she has a great day! There are way too many choices for everything at CSN! It's not dinnerware but I'd love some of those Uneaks brand shoes for my daughter and found out they sell them on CSN stores!


Happy B-day to your daughter and I would buy a nice set of pots!

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