Friday, October 29, 2010

DIFC (Do if for Cheap) Christmas Idea #1: Date of the Month Club!

Need ideas that help you save?  Follow my DIFC (Do it for Christmas) Ideas! 

These will be ideas you can make or purchase for a small amount.

IDEA #1 For your Spouse, Fiance, Boyfriend get the idea

Date of the Month Club!

I found this fabulous idea at Love, Actually
Cher is taking orders if you want to just have her do it for you for just $19.99
(but hurry because she is coming to her limit!)

Enroll him (or her..) in the Date of the Month Club. 
One of the "Membership benefits" is a special date planned every month!

There are also other fabulous date ideas and romatic things she includes in the packet!  You can make your own and be creative with whatever works for you.  Your spouse will LOVE this!  (I just might have to do this... ok so I think I will...but I am tempted to have Cher just make me one!)

Go to her post HERE for more details!  Enjoy!




Wow, this is a great idea. I love it! Thank you for sharing it; I'm on my way to check out her post now.

Canadian Coupon Mom

Great idea! I might do that this year since we don't have a lot of "date" nights. Once a month would be a great start. Im your newest gfc follower. Please stop by at

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