Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Are you part of Swagbucks yet!?

If you haven't heard of Swagbucks yet then here you go... I LOVE IT! It is a way to make money by not doing anything other than what you already do! (I know too good to be true.... I thought so to.) You get points by searching the internet! I have used it for almost a year now and have earned almost $200 of Amazon Gift Cards!!  This is how I will be doing my Christmas shopping this year!  I love that I am not hardly spending any money on Christmas!

To sign up go HERE.

They will give you a bonus for signing up and you will be well on your way to earning free gift cards. I get about 20 points a day without really trying and there are other easy ways to get codes that are worth points as well.  If you have signed up already under me and then got stuck... email me!  I will help you start earning those points!  I have a few tips to share with you!
After a few searches (that you were going to do anyway) you will get a screen pop up that says "congratulations, you have just won a swagbuck". There will be a big picture of a buck on the screen (I have earned anywhere from 6 to 50 swag bucks for a search). That's it!
If you are already using swagbucks regularly, you can get other people to sign up under your account. Every time your friend gets a swagbuck, you will get a matching buck! It really adds up fast then! Have fun! Let me know if you end up signing up!   If you hurry and sign up you can start earning FREE STUFF for Christmas!


Swagbucks: The best!