Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Build a Band!

My daughter and I built a band today.  I wasn't feeling all that great still and needed a project for her to do and keep her busy (and happy).  Here is what we started with:

Empty juice containers with popcorn in them
colorful duct tape (I love this stuff! it comes in all sorts of colors!)
Empty yogurt container
a real cute kid

You can obviously use other containers to make your items.  Rice also works well for using in the shakers.  We then covered them with duct tape!  I made some a few months ago for my nursery class I taught and made them striped.  My daughter made her version:

It was fun and kept her busy for a while.  All I had to do was cut the duct tape for her.  I also added some learning to it by asking her what sizes she wanted- small, medium or large.  We also had a tamborine that we made at the library a few weeks ago.  It is also really easy to make:

You just need a paper plate (not the real cheap, flimsy ones), a hole punch, ribbon and some bells.  Punch some holes in the plate and then tie on some bells (whatever size you want, we had a mixture of small and large ones).  My daughter then decorated it with markers.  Next, enjoy!  She danced around most of the afternoon with her new band instruments.


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