Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What if Wednesday: 72 hour kit item- FOOD!

How did you do on getting some kits?  I must admit, I wasn't able to get my husbands camping backpack out and ready to pack since I have had sick kids and am now currently sick.  Kits also may take you longer than a week to find since they may not be on sale or you can't find the right one for you.

This week lets get some food!  Some of this you may already have or you can just fit into your grocery budget this week.  Here is a list of food items for ideas and quantities:

  • Protein/Granola bars – about 4
  • Trail mix/dried fruit -* jerky can flavor other items
  • 3 packs of hot chocolate/apple cider pp (or pouches/cans of juice that won’t leak)
  • 1 can of soup. *Pop-top cans may leak and explode
  • Crackers/cereal for munching
  • Hard candy or lollipops- about 9 pieces (jolly ranchers can melt)
  • 1 pack of gum (mint might flavor other items)
  • Fruit snacks- raisins, rollups etc
  • 2 lunch-size cans of fruit
  • 3 packs of oatmeal (1 for each days breakfast)
  • 3 packs of ramen
I am also going to pack some Moutain House mac and cheese pouches.

I want something that my kids will like and that will be familiar with.  I also am going to pack a meal for each person.  They have all sorts of flavors and it might be nice to have a warm "real" meal for one of the 3 days.  Emergency Essentials is my favorite place for emergency supplies!  Check them out to see all that they have to offer for food.  They also have MRE's. 

No matter what you pack for your family be sure to rotate it!  We will talk more about planning next week.  ALSO:  Be looking out for another GIVEAWAY!  We will have one sponsored by Emergency Essentials coming up in the next few days!  This one will help you get food for your 72 hour kits. 

Let me know how you are coming with your kits!


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