Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Feature: Somewhat Simple

I love Stephanies blog Somewhat Simple!  I wanted to share some of my favorites from her blog. 

She just recently posted a Thanksgiving Countdown Jar idea that I love!  This would be a great project for this weekend (she has 27 days of ideas...)

You can even purchase it from her etsy shop or she gave details of what kinds of items she put inside.  You fill up the jar with ideas of how do do something to show gratitude.  Everyday you take one out and do it.  Some examples are:

"I am thankful gor Grandparents! Call and tell them 'I love you.  I am grateful for you!'"

"I am thankful for our car! Clean out the car, and go get some ice cream cones in it!"

"I am thankful for my toys!  Give some of your toys to Goodwill to give to other kids!"

"I am thankful for my kitchen!  Bake something fun together in the kitchen!"

There are so many more!  I love how the ideas aren't just something really easy, that some of them take time.  If we ARE grateful for things (our car) we SHOULD take care of it!

Another idea I loved is her Paperbag Scrapbook.  I have seen this another place and have been meaning to make it. 

It would make a great (inexpensive) Christmas present!  Thanks Stephanie for all your great ideas!!


starnes family

Really cute ideas! I do a paper turkey each year with our blessings....will be posting about it soon. Check it out next week!

Steph @ somewhatsimple

Thanks for the spotlight! That was nice of you!

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