Saturday, October 31, 2009

P.S. I love you!

Here's the disclaimer: I am no expert in love and relationships. What I am is an observer. I have always wanted that "happily ever after" with someone and have thought a lot about what it would look like over the years. Currently I am actually getting to try out some of these ideas on my man. So I want to share with you some ideas to sweeten up your relationship. Some will be new ideas, some will be reminders of something you've done before or seen before, but whatever the case may be I invite you to try these ideas out and leave me a comment on how it went when you do. You take care of him and he takes care of you and life will be that much more enjoyable for both of you.

Idea #1: Window Marker Love Notes

You probably won't even need to rush off to the store for the materials for this one because all you need is an dry erase marker* (I use Expo brand) and a cute cheesy or sassy message for your guy. Write him a note on the bathroom mirror or on his car window before he goes to work or while it is parked in the parking lot at work.

My man rides the van pool to work everyday but one day I was in the area where he meets to catch his van pool and decided to leave him a note on his car window. I was actually not sure how he would take it because he is kind of particular about his car-he loves to wash it-it has to be clean. But I thought I would take my chances and write him a note letting him know I was thinking about him and guess what. . . he loved it!! I saw him later on that day and figured he wiped it off before he got in his car, but no, that note was still proudly displayed on his window (he even drove home with his windows up when he usually drives with them down-that's how much he liked it). And although I haven't seen the picture yet he once briefly admitted that he actually took a picture of it with his cell phone.

So make your guy smile today by writing him a love note.

*I've even left messages on a mirror for several weeks and still had them wipe right off.



Hey froghunter good to see you posting.:) We hid in my husbands car on his birthday waiting for him to get home from his carpool. We were even able to pull it off and suprise him. I was suprised that he didn't notice the fogged up windows.

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