Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 1: Saving Sanity this Christmas!

I can hardly believe that Christmas is only 8 weeks away!  I LOVE Christmas!  I actually decorate for Christmas (other holidays normally get a new candy dish set out for the season, a pumpin here or there...)

I have yet to get Christmas cards out BEFORE Dec. 25 though.  Also, things always seem to get hectic and by the time I remember and get around to getting presents out to my neighbors... I feel funny doing it because of one reason or another (one might be because it is already Feb. 5th...)

SO... in attempt to help myself get more organized (and you as well if you need it...) Here we go!

Week #8- Collect Addresses, Pictures, Budget

At first glance this may seem like a lot.  (and yes I AM starting this a little late in the game...)  But we will simplify and get there in once piece- I promise!

1. Collect Addresses- You probably have a list (though it may be outdated) someplace.  That is a good place to start.  Also, you are more likely to have the email addresses of your friends and family.  Send out a group email asking for their address- promise them an amazing suprise.  Facebook or other social networks is another place to look to get addresses, email addresses, blog urls or even just "write on their wall" asking them.

2. Pictures- Start deciding how you are going to do pictures.  Will you go to the mall (Sears, JcPenny, etc), have a friend who knows something about cameras do it, or just do it at home?  If you coordinate clothes you will need to start figuring out what to wear.  If your pictures require an appointment you'll want to get that soon!

3. Budget- Decide what you will spend for each family and family member this year.  Figure out what your child really needs and wants.  I have found MANY ways to cut costs this year by making instead of buying!  One thing that I am going to do (you will hear more about this later) is make my stocking stuffer treats.  My daughter is going to get "Fairy Puffs" in her stocking (SHH!! Don't tell her!)

We have been "saving our pennies" for Christmas this year- LITERALLY!  We have a "jar" (that has been upgraded to a coin-sorter machine) that we use.  In THIS post I talked about our "change" system.  We designated our jar to be our Christmas gifts jar in June.  We were able to save up and pay for all of our presents that way so far (and I am almost done!).  Obviously this is too late for you to do this year (unless you went and got $100 in change from the bank...) but it is just an idea of ways to save for the Holidays.


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