Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Make your own Bath Paints

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This is a great way to entertain your kids in the tub AND get your tub cleaned!!  All you need is:

A muffin pan (preferably a small one that only holds 6...I only had a large one.  Also anything else works as well really...)
Corn starch
Dish soap
Food coloring

First, add 1 T. of Cornstarch to each cup (how ever many colors you want to have)

Add 1/8 c. of dish soap. 

I was worried that my soap was orange and thought that it would ruin the colors but it didn't.

Add the colors!  Put about 2-3 drops in each cup.

Mix it until it is smooth and color has been all mixed in.

Add 1 T of water to each cup.  Stir.

THEN comes the fun part!  Give your child a paintbrush and let them paint away!  (be cautious about any tile or grout, it may stain.  Also be careful that they don't rub their eyes- it is soap.)  Then when they are done- give them a sponge and let them clean up their mess.  This also gives your bath tub a good cleaning! 

This is modified from a recipe I found HERE.

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