Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Day Activities.....

Yes it is raining here today in Washington.  Hmm... what to do with your kids when you CAN'T go out!?  Well... here are a few little ideas that don't take much work to get together and can all be made from something you most likely have around the house. 

1. Tent!- How often did I do that as a kid and LOVED it every time!  It seems like it never gets old.  Just throw it over your table or some chairs, couches, whatever you have.  Flashlights and stories make it even more fun and if you dare.... add snacks.

2. Indoor sandbox- Add some rice, beans (watch out for choking hazards...), pasta, whatever... to a box and you have a sandbox.  Then just get some measuring cups, spoons, bowls... etc and it will be endless fun for your kids (and you too...)

3. What is missing?- Get a bunch of items together and have your child look at them, then while they are not looking, take one away and see if they can guess what one is missing.

4. Picture story- cut up those magazines you don't need and have your kids glue them into a "book" to make a story. You can also have them color it (or write if they are old enough), put stickers on it....etc

5. Boxes- Why are boxes always the MOST interesting thing to play with!?  Get out your boxes and let your kids free... they can color on them, make houses out of them for them or their toys, and more! 

Have fun!  And good luck if you are having a rainy day too!


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