Saturday, November 21, 2009

Froghunter MIA & Bonus Entries!!

Ok- so my "sweetin it up" gal is MIA this week!  I am lost as to what to do!!!  I know she has a good reason...... but you'll have to hear it from her!!

Bonus: As you all know, there is going to be TONS of giveaways next week!!  You'll hear more details on Tuesday... but in order to give you one more way to get lots of entries.... for every tip, recipe, craft tutorial, kid "keepin them busy" idea... etc.. you send me I will give you anywhere from 1-5 bonus entries to use as you'd like during the Thanksgiving Mega Giveaway event!  You can use them all at once or spread them out.  Send your savvy stuff to me at savvymomsaves [at] gmail [dot] com - or any questions you may have. (HINT: pictures = more bonus entries)

Good Luck and have fun!!
(I will be out of town Wed-Thurs next week w/ no internet, but will have things set up to work on their own...) 

**UPDATE:  Only emails recieved by the deadline of the last Thanksgiving Mega giveaway will be counted.  You can submit as many ideas as you'd like- however not all may qualify for bonus entries.


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