Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution...Family Night Once a Week

Perhaps to my detriment, I can think of WAY too many New Year's Resolutions I would love to commit to. To narrow it down, I tried to think of the most important things I want to accomplish this next year, and it all boils down to...Family, Family and Family.

Our children are still young, but I can already see the value of when daddy is home for dinner on time and we all get to eat together. Often times, my husband works late, and the girls and I are left at the dinner table to converse and share thoughts from the day ourselves.

One thing I want to implement...(in the form of a resolution) is Family Night. I did NOT have a family night growing up, but wish I did. My husband had a Family Night every Friday since he can remember. He told me those nights are some of this favorite memories from his childhood.

Do you have a Family Night? What activities do you do? Here is a list of some Frugal Activities you can do on your Family Fun Night...enjoy!

  • Most obvious- Game Night-
a)You can find many games at the thrift store, or just buy a pack of cards and play Go Fish or War, or even Spoons...I love spoons! All you need to play Pictionary is a Pad of Paper and a Pen or Marker.

b) If you would like to invest in some worthy games, I suggest-
Apples to Apples (hilarious),

Elefun(for toddlers and PreSchool age),

Here's a link to Amazon's Top 100 Family Board Games

  • Have a "Theme " Night. Plan a dinner around a theme such as a color, ethnic food, holiday, or even one of the children(they pick the dinner, the game or activity and the dessert.)
  • During the warmer months, plan a dinner out...not to a restaurant, but a picnic dinner- at the beach, the lake or pond,the park, or even on the back porch. Changing things up a bit really makes Family Night evenings memorable.
  • Make Ice Cream- Ice Cream makers are really cheap and fun. Here is an ice cream maker ball the kids will love to roll around as the ice cream forms!

Well, those are just a few off the top of my head and some that I found online. Enjoy your New Year's and remember to put your Family First All year long!


(yup, I made one for me too!)


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