Saturday, January 2, 2010

Savvy in 2010!

HI!  I am back!  Well... kind of... I can't stray too far from a box of tissues and am looking like a certain red-nosed reindeer....but here I am.

I wanted to share some new and improved ideas for this blog. 

1. You have already met one of our new authors- Kristen.  She will be doing a Frugual Family Fun post for us every Friday!  We are so excited to have her join us. 

2. You will soon meet Sarah who will help us Turn off the TV on Tuesdays.  Her posts will help give us ideas of things to do with our kids instead of turning to the aid of electronics. 

3. GIVEAWAYS have changed.  Yes we will certainly still do them!  However we will only do one a weekMondays will be our giveaway day!  Also, it is crazy how un-random can be when I have used it to pick the winners.  I am sure you have noticed that people tend to win a few in a row.... in order to spread out the "love" a little, I am going to limit (for now) giveaway winners to only one a month.  For example: if Mary wins in Jan.- she can't win another one until Feb.  This will end when I feel it is no longer needed, I am guessing in a few months. 

4. As for Recipes, organizing tips, money saving ideas and all that... you will still see them!  I will use the remaining two days (Wed and Thurs) to fill you in with tons of good stuff!  I am also going to try to limit posts to one a day so as to not overwhelm anyone :).

5. Savvy Mom Saves is now open for Advertising!  If you are interested in advertising, please contact me for rates!

6. Coming soon: Etsy store!  Be on the look out for fabulous items for sale by Savvy Moms!

And... more... !!!

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