Friday, January 15, 2010

A Thankful Family Time Activity

Perhaps I'm a little old fashioned, but I believe the act of giving 'Thank You' cards is a must when people have given you a gift.

I came up with the idea to have a Family "Thank You" Night. I printed out a bunch of Thank You cards for the girls to color and sign.

Here are some links to printable Thank You cards for Children:

Kid Printables

DLTK Custom Printable Cards

I made ours on Microsoft Publisher... feel free to print the PDF for yourself.
I like the fact that they have to acknowledge and remember who gave them the present, and think of a reason why they like it.

MY Christmas Card PDF

I'm going to make some cookies, have some fun music , crayons and even adult thank you cards on the table. We will ALL ( yes, Daddy too) be doing Thank You cards this year.

I always think of this idea, and wish I had the energy and time, but you could take a picture of your children with the gift item, print out the picture and put it in the thank you card. I may do this for the grandparents....we'll see.

Being thankful for what we have and what we have been blessed with is an important part of creating family unity, family respect and learning to love the fact that we have each other.




Thanks for this great idea! One other idea I do for Thank You cards to personalize it a little bit is to take a picture of my child(ren) holding a sign that says "Thank You" (or if you have 2 kids one can hold a sign with THANK the other can hold the YOU). Then I print the pictures out, glue them on a piece of cardstock cut into a card, and voila! Personalized thank yous! For a bit more money you could even do custom cards at shutterfly or any photo website. I love yours though, it's classy and works for the whole family! :)


I am a big thankyou card person myself. It's an old touch and means you do indeed have manners. Sorry-just my opinion on that!
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