Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Food - DIY!

** update: I forgot to mention (one of my readers reminded me...) that using ice cube trays is less expensive than what I did.  I actually bought 2 heart shaped silicone trays at Target for $2.50!  (I love their $1 section!)  Then after they are frozen I will just put them in zip-lock bags.**
Baby food is SO expensive!!  I can't believe that it has gone up so much since my last baby!  I have decided to make my own baby food this time around. 

So far my little one has only eaten baby food made by me.  It is so fun to feed her a "home cooked meal" :).  Not to say that I will NEVER buy baby food again but it has sure cut down the cost!  Here is how I made my own SQUASH.

Remember this recipe?  (I am STILL craving it!)  I told you I saved part of the squash to make baby food.  Here is my promised "recipe" if you can call it that.

I took my butternut squash and cut it in half and removed the seeds. I placed it in a pan with some water in it. I cooked it at 350, covered for about an hour (I checked it after 30 minutes and had to add more water)

I cut up the squash after about an hour and let it cook without water and uncovered for a little bit (about 20 mintues). Then I used 2 cups for the squash ravioli. I took off the rind and had a lot left over so I made this into baby food.

To make it into baby food- I used my small food processor and added some water to the squash to not make it so thick.  (1st Baby foods are thinner, if you want it thicker you just add less water)

Depending on how old your baby is you will blend it more or less.  I blended mine up and added enough water to make it pretty thin and smooth.  Then I put it into containers and let it cool before I froze it.

I bought my containers HERE for $8.  I love them!  They are freezer and dishwasher safe!  The lids stay on so you aren't searching all over for lids.  Then.. I was done!

I was SO suprised at how easy it was and how much it made!  I made 10 -1 oz. containers and then filled up 2 old baby food containers that I had saved from my last baby.  That almost 2 weeks of food! (Right now she is eating one cube a day.) 

Let me know if you have made your own baby food and how it was, or if you are still debating about it!  I always welcome any questions you may have and love hearing from you!  Have a happy Wednesday.


L@Craftaholics Anonymous

I love making my own baby food too! Soooo much cheaper!! I freeze mine in ice cube trays and then transfer to freezer bags. I love making sweet potatoes, carrots,corn, pears, etc. The easiest applesauce is buying the large, unsweetened #10 cans at costco. It costs like $3 and lasts for over a month for us.


Thank you so much for this info. I tried making my own but I didn't really think about freezing it (duh). Now it will be a lot easier. Do you think you could save old baby food jars and freeze the food in those?

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