Saturday, February 6, 2010

Candy Gram

How long has it been since you made a note using candy bars as keywords? I don't think I've done it since high school or college. It is a bit silly bet I had so much fun making it for my fiances birthday and he loved it! There are a lot of fun candies out there. Let me remind you of a few you could use when making a card of your own.

100 grand: what he is worth, how you feel when you're with him

Big Hunk: for term of endearment

Snickers: no snickers about it. . .

Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babies: saying something about him being a good daddy or about the two of you making beautiful babies (I don't know how you will use it :) but you can probably think of something better than that!)

Mentos or mint gum: we were meant to be together

Extra gum: life is extra enjoyable with him around. . .

Reeses Pieces: I love you to pieces. . .

Riesen: there are a million reasons why I love you

Sweetart: you are a sweetart

Now and Later: I want to hold you now and later

Almond joy: you are the joy in my life

Nutrageously: whatever he outrageously is to you

Hugs and Kisses: just that hugs and kisses

Rollo: roll over in the morning and . . .

Uno: You know. . .

Special dark chocolate: use word special for something

Hot Tamales, Red hots: use word hot

Other candy bars you can think of lines for may be these: Rocky Road, Starbursts, Milkyway, Butterfinger, Airhead, Mounds, Symphony, Zero, 5th Avenue, Watchmacallit, Take 5, Mars, Crunch, Lifesaver, Payday. . .

What other candy bars can you think of or have you used before? It would be a great idea for Valentines day or an Anniversary card. Let me know if you try it!


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