Friday, February 5, 2010

Have some Sweet Family Time around Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a time to show someone you love them.... why not use this opportunity to show your entire family that you love them!

Here are some activities you can do with your children to celebrate Valentine's Day as a Family:

~ Make it a movie night. Almost everyone loves a good movie. Kaboose has a list of the top ten Valentine's Day movies for families.

~Have each family member make cards for someone else in the family. Here is a list of great card ideas. by Family Fun. You can have a family craft night, to make them all together, or have a nice dinner and present them then.

~Everyone loves a good sweet now and then. Why not take advantage of Valentine's Day and makes some treats to make your "home sweet home". Family time in the kitchen can be great time spent together. Here are some "Sweet Recipes" from Family Corner that are kid friendly.

~ Set up a family photo shoot and use some of these Photography Tips from

~ Save the nightime for your hubby, and make the morning time well spent with family. Family Fun has some great "heart" ideas for a Valentine's Day Special Breakfast.

Whatever you decide, any excuse to tell your family you love them and to spend quality time together to create memories is always worth your while....why not start planning now?


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