Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm Back!

AHHH!!  Tax season is over!  YEAH!! 

I can breathe now....

My house will be clean again....

I will have time with my spouse!!

I can put more time into my blog and Giggly Gumdrops!

I have some great things planned for us! 

First of all.... Our Savvy Summer Contest will be starting May 1st!!  Check back then for all the great details!  It will be tons of fun!
Next... I will be having Guest Bloggers once a month!  If you have a blog that you would like to share please email me (savvymomsaves@gmail (dot) com) to get on the list!
Advertise on SMS for an all time LOW rate of only $5 a month!  This offer is only good for a limited time so let me know if you would like to advertise with us!  (fee includes a 150 x 150 button and a post write up)
Giggly Gumdrops Grand Opening will be taking place (sorry date has changed...) May 1st!  There will be TONS of freebies and deals!  Don't miss it!
I am going to have special 4 week courses on things like budgeting, gardening, organizing, and more!  If you have anything you would like a "class" on let me know and I will do my best to research it and teach you all about it! *classes will be 4 weeks long unless otherwise noted.  Obviously it takes longer to teach some things and shorter for others.
And last but not least.... I am looking for one or two of you to join SMS!  Please email me for more details if you are interested.
Mondays: "Classes" - 4 weeks each*
Tuesdays: ---Nothing for now---
Wednesdays: What I'm LOVIN- great stuff from all over
Thursdays: Tutorials/Tips and Guest bloggers



What would you like a SMS joiner to do?

Becca Jane

I would love to see a blog post about good hair products....which ones are worth the money, which ones aren't. I am looking for a good curl cream and also a good treatment for split ends. I think that would be a good post!!

Swagbucks: The best!