Friday, September 3, 2010

Flipping for Phonics {Review}

I was SO excited when Flipping for Phonics sent me their fabulous combo kit!

As you may know my daughter just turned 4 and is starting pre-school soon.  She kept telling me that she was going to be able to read when she was 4.  I wasn't really sure how to approach the whole "teaching her how to read" thing. 

I pulled out Flipping for Phonics the other day and sat down to watch their instructional video first.  It looked easy enough so we dove right in and started learning about the "ot" family. 

On Flipping for Phonics website the video talks about how their daughter learned how to read in 20 minutes.  I was pretty skeptical of this to be honest.  However when we were working on all the "ot"'s (dot, pot, hot....)  my daughter picked up on them quickly and in about 5-10 minutes knew them.  (She did already know the sounds really well though- so we weren't starting from ground zero)

I think this is a great learning tool.  I love the flipping book and how it makes changing words around SO easy!  The flipping book can make 2000 different words and they are all listed in the back of the book so you can use it for a reference. The other books they provide in the combo package allow your child to practice what they just learned.  There is also stickers, a coloring book and 2 music cd's. 

If you are looking for a great easy way to teach your child to read you should check out Flipping for PhonicsFlipping for Phonics is also offering a $5 off coupon that you will get with your order that you can use on your next purchase with them.

disclosure:  I received the product to review free of charge.  The opinions are my own and your own experience may vary. 


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