Thursday, September 2, 2010

CSN Discovery Kids Toy Laptop {Review}

Discovery Kids Toy Laptop

I was able to review this laptop... or should I say my daughter did most of the reviewing... from CSN.  My daughter turned 4 this last week as many of you know and I was so excited that I was able to get her this for her birthday present.  She has been wanting a laptop for a while but I have been dragging my feet buying one. 

The Discovery Kids laptop is available in blue or purple and you don't need to buy any extra discs or cartridges to go with it.  All the games and activities are already on it.  There are over 30 games and activities and comes with a mouse that you can use.  If your child is not ready to use the mouse or if you are traveling you can just use the keys on the keyboard instead. 

I love how the laptop folds up and has a handy handle that you can carry it with. 

There were a few things that I wish were different though.  One being the screen- it is a little small in my opinion and the laptop does seem a little less durable than I would have expected. 

It has held up just fine though and is for ages 6+ so they probably didn't think they needed to make it super durable. 

Overall my daughter loves it and will like it more once she can read and do more of the things on her own.

Thanks CSN for a fabulous product!


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