Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Going for a New Look

I have been searching and searching the past few weeks for console tables - I really think that I want one for my entryway instead of my bench... So here is my current entry way:

What do you think?  I also want to paint my wall a dark brown or something to make that an accent wall.  Here are some great tables I found from CSN.

I really like this one!

But I also kind of like this one:

What do you think?  Also what color would you recommend for my walls?  I have brown trim so it makes things a little tricky.  Wish me luck!  :)

Disclosure: I am going to be reviewing another CSN Product and in order to do so needed to write this teaser post.



I like both tables, but I think I prefer the second one myself. I think that if you have brown trim, and a brown table, and you paint the wall brown, it will be too much brown. A lighter color on the wall will make the trim and table stand out, and a darker color will make them blend in more. It just depends on what look you want. Me, I would do blue, but that's only because I think my husband would not let me paint it pink, ha ha!

Savvy Moms Save

Well.. I have always wanted a red wall.. maybe I should be daring and do that! :) hmm... I wish I could hire someone to come fix up my house for me! Yeah.. I don't think my husband would let me do a pink wall either though my daughter thinks we should do it all different colors- or "wild" as she calls it.Thanks for your thoughts!


I like the first table more by far, but if you do the walls dark maybe do the table in a cream or white to accent it better.
Where did you get your Proclamation? I've never seen it done like that and I love it! We have this empty space on our wall for one, but we haven't found one we like yet lol.

Savvy Moms Save

We got it as a wedding gift- so sorry! I have no idea where to send you to get yours. I really like it (I just need to update the picture!) :) Thanks for your input-- I am heading out to buy paint today and then I am going to see where to go from there.

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