Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moms into Fitness {review)

I have been looking for a great workout DVD for quite a while.  When I came across Moms into Fitness I was VERY interested because the name itself told me that it would be geared towards moms.  I was so excited to get the "60 Day Slim Down System" and get started! 

The only thing about reviewing this... is that I actually had to work out!  :)

In the 60 Day Slim Down System I received these 4 DVD's

I liked working with 4 different DVD's because it changed things up for me.  I have found in the past with workout DVD's that they are too complicated- you practically have to be a dancer/cheerleader or someone more coordinated than me to do them.  I loved Lindsy Brin's DVD's because they were simple moves that didn't take weeks to learn.  I think my two favorite DVD's were the "Post Natal Boot Camp" one and "Shed 5 Fast". 

The 60 Day slim down system also comes with a meal plan, fitness plan, progress tracker and a fit level test. 

I love how you can actually track your progress and see how you are progressing throughout your workouts!

I wasn't able to follow the plan exactly as it was planned out for me because by day 2 I took the Diatasis Recti test and realized that I have it and am in the "less than 5%" group that still have it almost 2 years after having a baby.  I had no idea!  But thanks to Moms into Fitness I was able to find out what it is and how to work out with it.  Moms into Fitness have DVD's for helping us moms get over the trauma our bodies go through due to pregnancy.

They also have this great series to get you through your pregnancy and afterwards!

If you are wanting something different still... you can get workout downloads right to your phone or computer!  What a great idea!
Go and check out their Recipes and other DVD's that they have to offer!  Buy a new workout DVD for your New Years Resolution or for now!  They are offering you a 20% discount!


Disclosure: This review is based on my own honest unbiased opinion of Moms into Fitness . You may or may not agree with my opinion. I was sent product free of charge to review. No one from Moms into Fitness was involved in the writing of this post.


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