Monday, November 1, 2010

Thankful Tree!

I am ready for Thanksgiving!  (ok.. so I am REALLY ready for Christmas but ....)  So yesterday we had a little family night fun and made our first Thankful Tree!  If you were a follower last year you will remember THIS POST  That tree is a little big for me so we made ours a little smaller.

It ends up being about 24" tall.  We add paper leaves with something we are grateful for every day. 

 The tree is vinyl so that it wouldn't get torn down by my 16 month old ( I am still concerned about it loosing its leaves but so far they are ok..)  There are so many ways to do this!  Have fun!

If you wish to purchase the tree from Giggly Gumdrops go HERE for prices.  Enjoy!



What a great idea. I love thankful trees and this one is really cute.

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