Monday, January 10, 2011

Customer Service

When you hear "customer service" is your first reaction to cringe, shudder, cry or go hide?  Normally dealing with Customer service is a real pain, time consuming and usually ends up without the result you really wanted.
CSN is quickly becoming one of my favorite online stores.  Not only do they have great products in home decor and furniture, they have great customer service as well!  I recently purchased a table that came damaged and it was SO easy to get ahold of customer service!  I am still waiting for the replacement... so I will keep you posted on that :).
I am still loving my previous purchases/review products from CSN.  I am thinking I will need some food storage containers next.... hmmm... so many choices!  Maybe I will get a new laptop messenger bag for the new laptop I got... 
Did you have any good or bad customer service experiences over Christmas?


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