Friday, April 23, 2010

{lack of giveaway- or is it?}

Hi!  Sorry for the lack of a giveaway today.. things have been crazy.  I was up at my parents house all week and during that time found out that one of my good friends from High School passed away.  He was born with Cystic Fibrosis but lived until he was 28!  Still, it was really hard to hear. 

I have been busy working on getting a bunch of books for some giveaways!  You will be excited to know that I have a bunch ready to post in the coming weeks. 

As for last weeks giveaway winner- BETH!  Comment #1- you have been emailed. 

How about to make it up... the first 3 people who order something from Giggly Gumdrops will be able to a free item (Buy one get one...) and half price on shipping!  That is a great deal!  I have listed a lot of new tile patterns.  Either leave a comment telling me your order or email me!  Have fun!


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